News Leads

Lead 1: Host of “What Would You Do?” to Deliver the Keynote Speech at Mass Comm Week

SAN MARCOS, Texas – ABC news correspondent John Quiñones is giving the keynote speech at Mass Comm Week on Monday at the LBJ Student Center to give students an insight in the world of journalism.


Lead 2: Fire Destroys House in San Marcos 

AUSTIN, Texas – A fire destroyed a San Marcos, Texas resident’s house on Monday because of a candle that was left burning unattended.


Lead 3: 4 People Arrested after $9 Million Drug Bust

AUSTIN, Texas – Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents seized 10,813 lbs. of marijuana on Monday in El Paso, Texas from an 18-wheeler with expired license tags.


Lead 4: Deceased Couple Gifts Neighbors with $1.6 Million

AUSTIN, Texas– A lawyer released the will of a Wisconsin couple on Monday that granted neighbors and friends with $1.6 million after their deadly car accident in January.


Lead 5: Don’t Drink and Mow

AUSTIN, Texas – New Zealand Police arrested a man on Monday for driving while intoxicated on his lawn mower.